Hunter Horse Haven Inc. is a registered Not-For-Profit Charity with Deductible Gift Recipient Status formed to provide a rehabilitation and contractual rehoming service for unwanted horses in NSW.

We accept all horse breeds with our goal to save, retrain, rehabilitate and rehome horses who were previously neglected or destined for slaughter.

Gelding named ‘K’ we received from a neglect property. September 2020.

With over 40 years experience in the horse industry we supply a list of services in conjunction with rehabilitation, these include the following.

Human Services–  We provide open family day on Sundays for adults and children to spend time with our rehab horses. Our Sundays have expanded to help adults, teenagers and children suffering from depression which has provided an incredible positive difference in many people’s lives. Currently suspended

We have expanded to include programs for mentally challenged and/or depressed adults, children, their families and carers to visit and connect with our horses.


Support from people via volunteering helps us rehabilitate and rehome a larger number of horses and provide the top level care our horses deserve.

Without volunteers to help provide care for our horses, fundraise and aid in management our Charitable Organisation would fail.

Volunteering is easy and can include just spending time with a horse, brushing and tidying a horse or feeding and fencing.

Or helping with fundraising and management requirements.

It is up to the person volunteering to choose to do what makes them comfortable and their visit an enjoyable experience.

Many of our horses have previously been starved and/or abused and just need someone to spend quality time with them and show them not all humans are bad.

Please message or email us if you are willing to volunteer your time to help our organisation.

We desperately need volunteers.


Weanling Training – Weanling training is available which includes handling, halter training, leading, pressure and release, tying up all conducted with positive reinforcement.

Horse Training – We offer horse training including bitless riding. Horses are trained under saddle and bareback via a positive reinforcement method. We can also beach train your horses adding that extra socialising addition to their training. Nutritious feed and a grassy paddock is available during training.

Injury Management – We have stabling facilities and provide injury management if you work and don’t have time for bandage changing and wound treatment.

Rehabilitation – Horses are given the time to rehab both physically and mentally depending on their needs. They are vet assessed, feet rehabbed and provided with under saddle training prior to being rehomed. If you wish to surrender your horse, please fill out the Hunter Hourse Haven Inc – Surrender Form and return to hunterhorsehaven@gmail.com.

Hoof Trimming – Trimming is available to all horses on property.

Riding Tuition – We offer riding tuition for people who may have lost their confidence or require additional tuition. We also offer tuition for beach riding and handling your horse on a beach ride.

Adoption – Adoption is under contract stating horses cannot be utilised for breeding nor sold, traded or rehomed but must be returned to Hunter Horse Haven Inc. if the horse is not suitable or adoptees circumstances change and they cannot keep the horse. To adopt a horse, please see horses available for adoption and applicable application forms on the Adoption page.

Please email hunterhorsehaveninfo@gmail.com

Rehoming – We also provide a service matching horses held by other Rescues or Welfare Agencies with people looking for a horse.

If you wish to be placed on our waiting list for a horse please complete the APPLICATION FORM on the Forms Page and email to


All horses are provided with the very best care and emotional support required to encourage trust and companionship.

Sometimes owners of neglected horses on properties just wont accept any help offered nor surrender their horses.

We provide every horse with vet assessment, vaccinations, hoof trimming, dentistry and physical and emotional rehabilitation.

All our horses are microchipped, vaccinated, and provided with a photo passbook containing all the information on their health and training we can provide.

Most of the time horses we receive have absolutely no previous medical or training history.

Contact us via email