Please help us continue to provide the high level quality care our horse’s in rehab receive by sponsoring a horse.

We lost many of our horse sponsors due to the financial impact COVID had on the community.

Sponsoring a horse supports the feeding, care and rehab of horses we receive.

Be part of the rehabilitation process of a horse by sponsoring a horse for just $12.50 per week via direct debit and help us provide a new life for the horse.

Follow your sponsored horse throughout its rehabilitation including visiting your sponsored horse plus personal updates on its progress.

Sponsorship helps us continue our rehab process of each horse by providing regular funding which is sorely needed.

Horses That Need Sponsoring

4 orphan foals we received late December 2020.

We desperately need sponsors for these little ones to help cover their milk replacer, feed and veterinary bills.


Buddy – Shetland 6 years old and very cheeky. Buddy is our awesome permanent resident with personality plus who is a loved by kids on our free family Sundays.

Purchased from a Dogger at the saleyards.

This little scamp is personality plus and always brings smiles to everyone’s faces.

Spider – foal – in rehab

Little foal Spider lost his mum on the neglect property he came from and as such his overall health and growth was stunted.

Spider is slowly catching up to the other foals we received from the property but has a long way to go.

This little boy desperately needs sponsors to help us apply the treatment and feed he requires to catch up with the other foals.

SALLY – foal – rescued from neglect property

Sally is a soft beautiful yearling we rescued from a local neglect property.

EBONY – orphaned on a neglect property and desperately needs sponsors

Ebony was orphaned on a neglect property and stood over her dead mother for days.

Her rehab will be lengthy as she is extremely traumatised and won’t accept human company which we are working on.

Please if you could sponsor Ebony’s rehab it would be greatly appreciated


Bridget – Old girl at 27 years old who needs lots of tlc and one of our most expensive to maintain. Due to arthritis and health issues Bridget is on special feed regime.

She is a beautifully natured old girl who loves a scratch and cuddle. Saved from a property at Williamtown, NSW where numerous horses were starved to death.

Bridget was emaciated with numerous health issues including a heart murmur and thyroid condition.

She was in foal and had our naughty Loki on 24th September 2018.

Bridget has been approved as a Sanctuary horse and will spend the remainder of her days with us which is why we desperately need sponsors for her.

Please help Bridget via sponsorship

LOKI – has been adopted

Loki (Bridget’s foal) – This little guy is so full of life and mischievous antics which always gets him in trouble. Maybe as his mum had him while standing and dropped him on his head he feels life is a massive game without boundaries. He is very appropriately named and our resident naughty toddler along with Buddy.

You can help support Loki through his toddler and growing years via sponsorship.

DEVIL – ready for adoption please check ADOPTION section.

Devil – Is our old pop at 27yrs of age. Devil was on his way to be slaughtered when we intercepted him. He is a gentleman and grandpa to foal Loki keeping his old eyes on the naughty foal and his antics. Maybe that’s why Devils eyebrows have gone grey so quickly.

Devil has been approved for permanent residency in our Sanctuary section so sponsorship to help maintain the old fellow in his twilight years would really help.

BUTTONS (adopted)

Buttons – Buttons was saved at a saleyard, emaciated and in foal.

She is approximately 15 years old.

She was a very stressed little one terrified of humans and has been very difficult to alter this terror.

We are working with her constantly showing little Buttons humans can be friends and trusted.



Bambi – Bambi was saved with Buttons at the sales. She is a cute and mischievous little one at 4 years of age. A pretty little girl also petrified of humans when we got her.

Vet assessment concluded her abnormal denture may be due to interbreeding on the hobby farm she came from prior to being dumped at horse sales.

Bambi has personality plus and is always the naughty mini.

STRYDER – ready for ADOPTION please check ADOPTION section

Stryder – Stryder is an Arab x quarterhorse currently in training.

Approximately 9yrs old and saved from a knackery. He is a kind lovely horse who enjoys human company.

He does suffer from the itch which requires us to go through many creams etc so sponsorship of Stryder would help immensely

MAE – ready for ADOPTION please check ADOPTION section as MAE and MISSY must be adopted together

Mae – Mae was intercepted on her way to slaughter. She is approximately 10 years old and a Standardbred who was a former Harness racer. Mae is so soft hearted and her big friendly brown eyes are so heartwarming.

Mae unfortunately doesn’t catch the eye of people as she is a plain Bay but this beautiful mare has a heart of gold.

Please help us by supporting Maevia sponsorship

MISSY – ready for ADOPTION please check ADOPTION section as MAE and MISSY must be adopted together

Missy- Missy is a former Standardbred Harness racer and Broodmare. We intercepted Missy on the way to slaughter. She has only one eye and has a heart of gold. A beautiful soft mare and approximately 14yrs old.

She loves human company

Missy will be in long term rehab due to a severely torn tendon.

Can anyone help by sponsoring this beautiful big girl.

DIVA – adopted

Diva is approximately 6 years old, a Standardbred mare and a former Harness racer and Broodmares. We intercepted Diva on our way to slaughter.

Diva is currently in training and will make a super horse for a advanced rider. She is a forward moving horse and makes me wish I was 16 yrs old again.

DELILAH – permanent sanctuary so sponsors for Delilah are vital

Delilah (Brumby) – Delilah is our Snowy Mountain Brumby who was trapped in the wild and had an extremely bad experience.

Delilah has progressed well emotionally over the past several months and grown from a petrified mare who would not even socialise with our other horses or people to a lovely mare now enjoying both horse and human company.

Delilah is a permanent resident approved to remain in our Sanctuary section for life so it’s extremely urgent we gain sponsors for Delilah.

PEPPER – has been adopted

Pepper was surrendered to us after a young girl went through a horrid experience being ripped off by a dealer.

Pepper arrived at the young ladies place emaciated and was surrendered to us within a week.

Peppers rehab will be lengthy so sponsorship is imperative to help us rehabilitate this beautiful sweet mare.

APOLLO – ready for adoption

Young colt Apollo was rescued from a doggers bid at a horse sale.

He was very emaciated and extremely petrified of people.

This beautiful young colt is finally learning not all humans are bad.

He now enjoys human company and is loving life.

We really need support via sponsorship for Apollo as he is due to be gelded which is a costly process for us.

FLOSSY unavailable for adoption due to health issues

DESPERATELY needs sponsors

Flossy is approximately 4-6years of age who we saved from doggers at a Saleyard.

Flossy has abnormal dental the vet says from probable inbreeding.

She also has bad stiflelock in both hind legs which our vet will treat via either an injection or operation.

This little girl is worth saving and sponsorship can help enormously.

Please help us by sponsoring one of our beautiful rehab horses they need the support.

How to Sponsor

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