Please help us continue to provide the high level quality care our horse’s in rehab receive by sponsoring a horse.

We lost many of our horse sponsors due to the financial impact COVID had on the community.

Sponsoring a horse supports the feeding, care and rehab of horses we receive.

Be part of the rehabilitation process of a horse by sponsoring a horse for just $12.50 per week via direct debit and help us provide a new life for the horse.

Follow your sponsored horse throughout its rehabilitation including visiting your sponsored horse plus personal updates on its progress.

Sponsorship helps us continue our rehab process of each horse by providing regular funding which is sorely needed.

Horses That Need Sponsoring


Buddy – Shetland 6 years old and very cheeky. Buddy is our awesome permanent resident with personality plus who is a loved by kids on our free family Sundays.

Purchased from a Dogger at the saleyards.

This little scamp is personality plus and always brings smiles to everyone’s faces.


Merry really needs sponsors as she will be in our care for a long while.

Due to neglect Merry has a condition called BIG HEAD which is abnormal bone formation in her facial bones due to neglect and poor diet.

Her rehab will be lengthy and it’s unknown whether her facial bones will return to normal.

Due to this Merry has a long road ahead of her and requires a specialised expensive diet so any help sponsoring her would be greatly appreciated.


Stormie is our very special little mini who is so beautifully natured he attends public schools to meet the kids, even attends assembly, providing kids with so many happy memories.

Stormie also attends retirement villages going up and down the lifts to meet as many residents as possible bring light into their day. So many of the elderly are in tears at the sight of Stormie and this special time is a memory that will last forever.

Stormie is our program horse and sponsorship of him would greatly help in his continued care.

Please we all have a soft spot for this little guy and sponsorship funds ensure he continues to provide beautiful memories to so many people.

EBONY – orphaned on a neglect property and desperately needs sponsors

Ebony has been adopted as at 2/10/22

Ebony was orphaned on a neglect property and stood over her dead mother for days.

Her rehab will be lengthy as she is extremely traumatised and won’t accept human company which we are working on.

Please if you could sponsor Ebony’s rehab it would be greatly appreciated

STRYDER available for sponsorship – ready for ADOPTION please check ADOPTION section

Stryder – Stryder is an Arab x quarterhorse currently in training.

Approximately 9yrs old and saved from a knackery. He is a kind lovely horse who enjoys human company.

He does suffer from the itch which requires us to go through many creams etc so sponsorship of Stryder would help immensely


Delilah (Brumby) – Delilah is our Snowy Mountain Brumby who was trapped in the wild and had an extremely bad experience.

Delilah has progressed well emotionally over the past several months and grown from a petrified mare who would not even socialise with our other horses or people to a lovely mare now enjoying both horse and human company.

Please help us by sponsoring one of our beautiful rehab horses they need the support.

How to Sponsor

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Hunter Horse Haven Inc.

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BSB 112-879

ACCOUNT – 424646489

DESCRIPTION: *Horses Name*

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